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At The Great Escape, you can sell or trade in your Vinyl LPs, Video Games, DVDs & Blu-rays, Toys, Comic Books, CDs, Collectible Card Games and more. We pay top dollar for quality items, regardless of whether they're everyday stock, or highly collectible; please see our buying guidelines below.

If you have a large collection you are interested in selling, we might even come to you! We will gladly travel for the right collection of music, movies, comic books, games, toys or other items that we're interested in. We also buy closeout inventories, liquidation assets and estate collections.
And thanks to our eBay Power Seller status, we've had great success selling items on eBay on a consignment basis. Autographed items, original comic book artwork and musical instruments are just a few examples of the kinds of truly unique items for which we've helped customers earn top-dollar auction returns.
There are many factors that determine what your items might be worth to us. Some of these are:
-Condition of the item.This is very important, as buying prices vary greatly depending on this. The better condition an item is in, the more it may bring.
-Supply and demand.If we don't have an item, we may pay more, but if we are overstocked, the price that we pay could go down. This also is true of the overall market, worldwide; often items that are more rare or had less units manufactured originally may bring a higher price- whereas, sometimes even if an item was extremely popular, it may have sold so many units that it is now common, and is thus worth less.
-New retail price.Because we mainly sell used items, we must keep our prices on those items that we sell substantially lower than what people can buy them for new- which in turn affects how much we can pay you for it.
Examination by one of our product specialists is necessary before we can make an offer for any item. Unfortunately, we are unable to tell you in advance what we can pay, because of the many factors that determine what we offer; there is no such thing as an "average price", regardless of what you have.
We'd love to see what you have to sell - and even if you have an item that we don't think we sell, we'll often be glad to make an offer on it, if we think it's something that our customers might be interested in!


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